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'Adopt your Olive Tree'

For some years we have been investing part of the proceeds in new trees plantations in the garden.

From this year, however, we have decided to focus our energies on a new project
that we have cherished for a long time ...

Podere Pievina Delle Corti offers it to those interested in protecting and preserving

the heritage linked to the culture of the olive tree in Tuscany and its ancient cultivation methods.

Tuscany, excellence in the production of extra virgin olive oil,
preserves traditional cultivation practices and methods that come down to us.

Using ancient and sustainable cultivation methods
with particular attention to the use of organic farming practices.

These are the landscape, the cultivation methods and the traditions

that we want to keep intact today, taking care of it.

| Quality olive growing |

The production process will be subject to a scrupulous and careful control of the quality of the product
and to the well-being of the trees in the first place, from planting to harvesting.

This very delicate phase. it will be carried out strictly by hand, in the shortest possible time.
The olives thus harvested will be processed in a nearby oil mill,

which performs processes with high quality requirements, ensuring an excellent final product.

| The project |

By participating in the project you will support the planting and organic cultivation of a Tuscan olive tree,

in the Pendolino, Leccino and Frantoio varieties,cultivated following the wise and ancient methods of the Tuscan tradition.

With your support, you can contribute to the conservation and protection of the Tuscan landscape.
You can also choose whether to give the adoption of our olive trees or keep it for yourself.

Multiple adoptions of olive trees are possible for each family.

You can then follow the olive tree through the photos published on our site and on our social channels

from the planting phase, and its planting, to its pruning at the end of Winter, to flowering in Spring,

to olive formation in Summer and finally to the olive harvest in early Autumn.

We will be happy to meet you if you would like to come and visit us personally.

Olive Trees | Adoptions

Olive Trees | Adoptions

Here is what you will receive:
The adoption certificate with your name or the name of your family, engraved on a plate hanging on the trunk of the tree.
15% discount on your next stay here at Podere Pievina Delle Corti.
The adoption lasts one year, renewing it, starting from the 2nd year of adoption you will receive 1 liter of oil produced for each olive tree adopted.

Shipping costs are not included.
To adopt, just click on the button below, fill up the form,
or send an email to:
[email protected]

Thanks for contributing to our project!
Podere Pievina Delle Corti

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